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Dalva Vintage 2011 37.5cl Port

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In a statement made by C. da Silva (wines) SA, it was announced that after two years of careful enrichment of their best batches, it was produced a blend considered one of the best Vintage Port Wine of the last 20 years. This Vintage is produced, mainly, from the grapes of Touriga Nacional that are blended with Vinhas Velhas grape varieties, giving it a certain complexity and personality. The grapes for this wine were harvested from vineyards on the southern shore of the Douro River featuring the best wine of that year. The winemaker José Manuel Sousa Soares was dazzled with the maturation of the red grape varieties that provide a good colour and the highest levels of tannins ever felt in 24 years of experience. However, the harvest was premature because the levels of phenolic compounds were developed two weeks before the usual, which means, it was premature in terms of sugars and aromatic compounds. As a result, this wine acquired a complex colour and tannins with a great persistence and ripe fruit aromas. Dalva Vintage 2011 Port after two years of aging and development, achieved a great aromatic potential, being possible to experience floral notes and fragrances of berries. This 2011 Vintage was only available in July of 2013 with the brands Dalva and Presidential with 37.5 cl bottles.

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