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After processing, your order will be delivered to a transport company that will do everything to ensure delivery as soon as possible, at the address you gave us, safely.
Simultaneously, you will receive an email indicating the Order ID and other necessary elements so that you can track delivery of your order.



Our deliveries are made during business hours from Monday to Friday, and are guaranteed by DHL with an Express service and also GLS. In order to ensure prompt delivery, someone must be present to sign for the package.
In case of difficulty in delivery, the carrier will contact you to schedule a second delivery, or leave a card with details of how you can get your order.
Please stay tuned for information and sms that can receive by the carrier.


DHL will do everything so that your order is delivered in the shortest amount of time. However, we cannot guarantee an exact number of days, but a range of security so you can take a closer estimate of when you can expect your order, on the most popular destinations or major cities destinations. On average, we may be talking about intervals between 2 and 9 days, useful, depending on the geographical area and destination countries.
There are destinations, which for its geographical specificity have not covered, so already regret not being able to meet your expectations. Promise to be brief to find efficient solutions so that we can reach you. Here, where the expected delivery times.


Shipping of our orders is guaranteed by DHL Express adn GLS. Costs are calculated according to the weight and the country to which they are intended.
For the amount of shipping charges for your order, simulate at your shopping cart, expenses associated with your order.
For more than 30 kg parcel, you must contact us to seek the best solution for delivery.
There are destinations, which for its geographical specificity we have not covered yet, so already regret not being able to meet your expectations. Promise to be brief to find efficient solutions so that we can reach you. Here, the countries which have already covered.


All our items are guaranteed for transport insurance and the value is already included in the value of the shipping charges associated with your order.


Before dispatch, our products are thoroughly inspected and we have pride in the high quality standards that we can guarantee.
However, it is up to the customer, the right to verify the quantity and condition of the goods on delivery. If your order shows clear signs of damage, leakage, detect any defect or missing item, we ask that you refuse the order asking the carrier to effectuate its return with that statement.
Must alert or a complaint with the carrier, as well as inform Pure Brands in the next 7 days following the delivery date.
In the unlikely event that the product does not present itself in the best condition, also has seven days to inform Pure Brands and complete the APPLICATION FOR CHANGE you will get with your order, and return it with the product indicating the reason, so we can proceed to send new shipment.


Orders with PO numbers as shipping address will not be dispatched and their processing will be delayed while we contact you to change the shipping address for a valid delivery.Please be aware that there may be limitations in your country, especially for deliveries in Military Institutions, Schools, Prisons and other institutions prohibited.The iPORTWINE.COM, is not responsible for orders placed by people who violate the law and order in their country.


Under our Total Satisfaction Guarantee, if the product does not correspond fully to your expectations you may return it within 14 days of receipt of the order in your house, and we will proceed to the refund of the amount expended.
The product must be in perfect condition and be returned with no signs of use, in original packaging, so we can provide you with an even better service, very please indicate the reason for the return. Remember however, that we only refund the cost of returning the items that were delivered in error, damaged items or defective items.
Packaging, franked properly, should be sent to us at:
Pure Brands, Lda.
Zona Industrial de Oliveira do Hospital, Lote 17A
3400-060 Oliveira do Hospital