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Vintage 2016
Croft 430Th Anniversary Limited Stock
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  • Offley LBV Port WIne
    Offley LBV Port WIne

    Offley LBV Port Wine

    Offley LBV or Late Bottled Vintage Port is a reflection of the quality and excellence of the Offley House style. It is a vibrant red ruby ​​color, its aroma is complex and it emphasizes its spicy character of spices, like pepper and clove, balsamic notes of resin, cedar and soft fruity notes, where it stands out aromas of ripe red fruits. On the palate, is a full-bodied wine, structured and with an acidity well balanced acidity with the sweetness of ripe red fruits. The finish is persistent and elegant. Enjoy your simple LBV or pair it with cheeses and delicious chocolate desserts or fresh fruit.
  • Passagem Vintage 2011
    Passagem Vintage 2011

    Passagem Vintage 2011 Port

    Um vinho muito aromatizado, dominado por toques de cereja e um pouco de picante.
  • Krohn Vintage 2009 Port
    Krohn Vintage 2009 Port

    Krohn Vintage 2009

  • One bottle of Croft Vintage 2011
    One bottle of Croft Vintage 2011

    Croft Vintage 2011 Port

    Despite the austere weather conditions, the vines were able to benefitiate enough from the existing water in the underground reserves, providing ideal conditions for the ripening of the grapes. The hot and dry weather of August was broken in time for two periods of rain, the 21 August and 1 September, which ended the season of ripening and gave rise to an evenly balanced and mature vintage. The grape-picking began on 10 September in quinta da Roeda in excellent conditions for the harvest. It's been a long fermentation times, allowing a full extraction and uniform, and in Mills the fifth showed exceptional intensity of colour and aroma.
  • Churchill's Tawny 10 Years 50cl
    Churchill's Tawny 10 Years 50cl
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 20 Years

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    Unsurprisingly for wine lovers of Port, Graham's wine excellence is associated with the choice of the highest quality grapes. Graham's 20 Years Old Tawny Port Wine is the pursuit of perfection between the impeccable balance, of young Port wine's freshness, and the ageing complexity of old Port wines. A wine improved for twenty years to achieve a so sought after excellence and to delight consumers. This amber and golden Tawny possesses a rich palate, slightly sweet and delightful. Rich ripe fruit and nut aroma, such as walnuts, and orange zest notes. Graham's Tawny 20 Years is an impeccably balanced Port with a long, elegant finish.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 10 Years

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    A Port Wine that is considered artisanal production, Graham's 10 Years Old Tawny Port is a tribute to the passion for this production method and a tribute to the craftmanship. For lovers of quality and precision in every detail, this wine is a great expressiveness of Tawny Port Wine. Graham's Tawny 10 Years rises from a fascinating selection of reserve wines, aged on average for 10 years. It possesses a reddish-orange colour and complex nutty bouquet, such as walnuts, combined with honey and figs notes. Port wine with a fruity, rich, velvety and mellow flavour that enables a soft, long and perfect finish.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 40 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 40 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 40 Years

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    This Port wine bears witness to the passing of generations, since this Port's production is made by setting wines apart, done by the master oenologist's great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles. Therefore, the Master Blender selects and puts them aside for future generations. This Graham's 40 Years Old Tawny Port is the immemorial tradition and a full of character and expression wine. It possesses golden amber colour and pale green tinge, characteristic of old wines. Complex aroma and a balm that defies age itself. Very fruity on the palate, with raisins and roasted caramel and chocolate notes. Graham's Tawny 40 Years is a Port with a strong, quite elegant aftertaste finish. Award-winning wine with three Gold Medals.
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