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  • Krohn Harvest 2003
    Krohn Harvest 2003

    Krohn Harvest 2003 Port

    The Krohn Harvest 2003 owns an intense red colour, complex aromas of caramel, nuts, chocolate and pepper. On the palate it is a round and creamy Port but with a well balanced acidity, being also possible to appreciate its youth and depth. Provides a long and deep aftertaste.
  • One bottle of Niepoort Vintage 1978
    One bottle of Niepoort Vintage 1978

    Niepoort Vintage 1978 Port Wine

    The Vintage Ports are wines that have the particularity of being produced with wine bacthes from a single harvest, and then aged over several years. The Niepoort Vintage 1978 has pretty classic red colour, aromas of black plums and chocolate and deliciously smooth flavours of red fruits flavours, with a soft and light finish.
  • One bottle of Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage 1999 (6x75cl)
    One bottle of Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage 1999 (6x75cl)

    Quinta do Vesúvio Vintage 1999 (6x75cl) Port Wine

    Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage 1999 is a limited edition Port Wine. Only 2000 boxes were bottled to be saled. These 2000 bottles represent only 8% of the Quinta production in the year of 1999, presenting itself as a high quality Vintage. To add even more emphasis to this Vintage, it was created an edition of 4, 5Lt (6 bottles)..
  • One bottle of Dow's Vintage 2000
    One bottle of Dow's Vintage 2000

    Dow’s Vintage 2000

    Dow's 2000 Vintage Port Wine is considered highly robust. Its colour conveys this particularity, a deep violet, so dark that causes blue and black reflections. Plum and cassis aromas, liquorice on the palate, spices and ripe fruit make this wine amazing. Full-bodied, slightly moderate Port, with dark fruit, great depth and structure. Firm tannins with medium finish with a typical, drier and spicy style.
  • One bottle of Dalva Harvest 1966
    One bottle of Dalva Harvest 1966

    Dalva Harvest 1966 Port

    Dalva Harvest 1966 is a wine form a single harvest of a specific year. The peculiarity of this wine is that it has no indication of age as a blended tawny (10, 20, 30, 40,), but instead an indication, it has the year mentioned on the label and, for this reason, an Harvest wine should not be confused with a Vintage. An Harvest wine should age a minimum period of seven years in oak barrels before being bottled.
  • One bottle of Croft Vintage 2000 Port
    One bottle of Croft Vintage 2000 Port

    Croft Vintage 2000

    Croft 2000 Vintage Port This wine benefited from a set of climate conditions: there were perfect ripening conditions with long hot days, followed by a short rainfall that allowed the ripening of the grapes. It possesses an opaque core and a clear ruby rim, with dense aromas, and a good definition, being more austere than usual. It present itself as conservative on the palate with a ruthless finish and orange notes.
  • Krohn Harvest 1983
    Krohn Harvest 1983

    Krohn Harvest 1983 Port

    Harvest Port Wines are high quality wines from a single harvest year that are aged in wooden casks for at least seven years. Krohn 1983 Harvest features a brownish colour with golden nuances and delighful flavours of dried fruit and wood. The taste of an Harvest Port is very similar to a Tawny with 10 or 20 years but with a more elegant and complex taste.
  • One bottle of Dow's Vintage 1985
    One bottle of Dow's Vintage 1985

    Dow’s Vintage 1985

    Dow’s House 1985 Vintage Port was produced from an excellent harvest, in spite of the high temperatures during harvest time. The effort to keep the fermentation temperature under control was very evident and led to an exceptional Vintage. Powerful, strong and concentrated Port that exhibits good fruit depth and ripe tannins. Purplish-ruby colour and powerful aromas of currant, blackberry and hints of spice. A full-bodied Port Wine with an average sweetness level and slightly chewy finish. Refined and inviting.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 40 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 40 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 40 Years

    This Port wine bears witness to the passing of generations, since this Port’s production is made by setting wines apart, done by the master oenologist’s great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles. Therefore, the Master Blender selects and puts them aside for future generations. This Graham's 40 Years Old Tawny Port is the immemorial tradition and a full of character and expression wine. It possesses golden amber colour and pale green tinge, characteristic of old wines. Complex aroma and a balm that defies age itself. Very fruity on the palate, with raisins and roasted caramel and chocolate notes. Graham's Tawny 40 Years is a Port with a strong, quite elegant aftertaste finish. Award-winning wine with three Gold Medals.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 20 Years

    Unsurprisingly for wine lovers of Port, Graham's wine excellence is associated with the choice of the highest quality grapes. Graham's 20 Years Old Tawny Port Wine is the pursuit of perfection between the impeccable balance, of young Port wine's freshness, and the ageing complexity of old Port wines. A wine improved for twenty years to achieve a so sought after excellence and to delight consumers. This amber and golden Tawny possesses a rich palate, slightly sweet and delightful. Rich ripe fruit and nut aroma, such as walnuts, and orange zest notes. Graham's Tawny 20 Years is an impeccably balanced Port with a long, elegant finish.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 30 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 30 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 30 Years

    In Graham's, know-how and dedication go through three unique arts, namely: blending art, cooperage art and ageing art; when the three are combined they give rise to exceptional Old Tawny Port wine. The expressiveness of wood works, hand in hand, with the time to create one of the greatest Port wines. Graham's mastered the production of 30 Years Old Tawny Port, already contemplating the range of three know-how arts, and at the same time does not rule out the importance of wood expression and ageing time. Possesses amber colour with a touch of orange, magnificent dried fruit aroma and a concentrated and mature palate with fruity and honeyed suggestions. Sublime, velvety Port with an impressive finish.
  • One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years
    One Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years

    Graham’s Tawny 10 Years

    A Port Wine that is considered artisanal production, Graham's 10 Years Old Tawny Port is a tribute to the passion for this production method and a tribute to the craftmanship. For lovers of quality and precision in every detail, this wine is a great expressiveness of Tawny Port Wine. Graham's Tawny 10 Years rises from a fascinating selection of reserve wines, aged on average for 10 years. It possesses a reddish-orange colour and complex nutty bouquet, such as walnuts, combined with honey and figs notes. Port wine with a fruity, rich, velvety and mellow flavour that enables a soft, long and perfect finish.
  • One Bottle of Fonseca Tawny 10 Years
    One Bottle of Fonseca Tawny 10 Years

    Fonseca Tawny 10 Years

    Fonseca Tawny 10 Years ripens in oak casks for an average of 10 years. With reddish-brown and crimson reflections, in a silky and smooth composition, where there are many wood notes and strong tannins, creating a mystical bond with fresh acidity. This is a Port with a graceful long finish and fruity notes that remind plums.
  • One bottle of Taylor's Chip Dry
    One bottle of Taylor's Chip Dry

    Taylor’s Chip Dry Port

    Taylor's has invested in new Port Wine styles, like this Taylor s Chip Dry White Port, made from white grapes varieties. Fermentation is longer than usual so it is possible to obtain a dry and crispy finish. This wine ageing is made in oak casks and the wine batches production conclude the characteristics of fresh fruit and nuts. Produced in limited quantities, the bottles are numbered with the wharehouse number information, where the Port wine has aged.
  • One bottle of Fonseca Tawny Port Wine
    One bottle of Fonseca Tawny Port Wine

    Fonseca Tawny

    Fonseca Tawny Port Wine This is a relatively concentrated Port, full-bodied and very fruity; a great dessert wine and a great finish to a meal.
  • One bottle of Dow's Extra Dry White
    One bottle of Dow's Extra Dry White

    Dow’s Extra Dry White

    Dow's Extra Dry White is a wine produced with the absence of the grapes peel, however, to help its fermentation it is added natural yeast. At the time the must reaches the desired degree of sugar, the fermentation is interrupted to make the wine extra dry. To give more ""soul"" to this wine is also added some wine spirits after its fermentation.

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