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  • A Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years 4.5l
    A Bottle of Graham's Tawny 10 Years 4.5l

    Graham’s Tawny 10 Years 4.5l

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    A Wine considered an artisan production, Graham's Tawny Porto 10 years old is a tribute to the passion for this production method and a tribute to artisans. For appreciators of quality and accuracy in every detail, this wine is a fine representation of a Tawny Port Wine. Graham's Tawny 10 Years comes from a fascinating selection of reserve wines, aged on a average period of 10 years. With a reddish orange colour and a complex bouquet were it is possible to sense toasted dried fuits, such as walnuts, combined with notes of honey and figs. A wine owner of rich, fruity flavour, it stands out for its velvety, matured and soft aftertaste. Port Wine lovers do not miss the chance of getting this 4,5Lt bottle and enjoy it with your family and friends.
  • A Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years 4.5L
    A Bottle of Graham's Tawny 20 Years 4.5L

    Graham’s Tawny 20 Years 4.5L

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    Graham's Tawny 20 Years is the pursuit of perfection between the amazing balance of freshness of young Port Wines and the complexity of the aged ones. An wine improved over 20 years to achieve the pretended excellence and delight the consumers. With an amber and tawny gold colour and complex but harmonious flavours. Rich aroma of riped fruits, nuts, such as walnuts and notes of orange zest. Impeccably balanced with a long and elegant finish. An elegant wine from 20 years ago in a special bottle of 4, 5Lt to ven the most demanding Port Wine lovers.Free shipping for EU countries

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