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Vista Alegre Vintage 2003

Vista Alegre Vintage 2003


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Vista Alegre Vintage 2003

Vista Alegre Vintage 2003 is an amazing wine that can add an exceptional taste to your table, it has a an dark red color, and a mix of flavors with an black berry taste beeing the most notable. Its very easy to taste and it is perfect if you want some wine to spend a good end of your evening.

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Vista Alegre Vintage 2003 is a classical Porto wine, it is produced in a traditional old fashioned way, the grapes are gathered manually, one by one, after that the grapes are squeezed and then they pass trought the process of leavening wich is only interupted in order to add a little bit of cognac. This wine has a great ageing characteristics, more exactly it can age for ower a half of the centry.

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