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Tawny Port Wine

  • One bottle of Graham's Reserve Six Grapes
    One bottle of Graham's Reserve Six Grapes

    Graham’s Reserve Six Grapes Port Wine

    Port Graham's Reserve Six Grapes Wine has rich and seductive aromas of ripe plum, cherry and dark chocolate notes. The palate is complex, with an excellent structure and a long, lingering finish. Six Grapes Port is one of Graham's original Ports combining vintages from two or three years. The wine has an average of five years of cask ageing. A Blend wine that is fruity, robust and of excellent quality.
  • One bottle of cockburn's special reserve
    One bottle of cockburn's special reserve

    Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port Wine

    Cockburn's Special Reserve is the first great Port Wine that was launched by Cockburn's in 1969. This wine is aged in oak barrels for longer than normal at the reserve wines, which contributes to the unique identity of this Port.
  • Grahams the Tawny
    Grahams the Tawny

    Graham’s The Tawny

    The Tawny' Port is Graham's signature blend matured for 7-9 years in seasoned oak casks. It has a deep golden-amber colour and a complex nose full of orange peel, cinnamon, prunes, raisins and figs followed by a full body with generous flavour and a long, clean finish.
  • One bottle of Graham's Fine Tawny
    One bottle of Graham's Fine Tawny

    Graham’s Fine Tawny Port Wine

    Graham's Fine Tawny Port Wine was born in the best vineyards located in the Upper Douro valley, is a lighter wine than Ruby since the ageing time is longer. On the other hand, it is a slightly softer than Ruby and evolved wine. It offers a nice fruity and dried fruit balance and it is matured in oak barrels for an average of three years, allowing the wine to come into contact with oxygen that freely permeates the barrels’ wood, thus meaning that the fruity youthful style remains but that it begins to acquire the persistence of an aged Tawny Port. The palate is slightly dry, elegant and velvety. Possesses an aroma of ripe fruit, nicely balanced with dried nuts notes.
  • One bottle of Fonseca Tawny Port Wine
    One bottle of Fonseca Tawny Port Wine

    Fonseca Tawny

    Fonseca Tawny Port Wine This is a relatively concentrated Port, full-bodied and very fruity; a great dessert wine and a great finish to a meal.
  • One bottle of Quinta da Pacheca reserve
    One bottle of Quinta da Pacheca reserve

    Quinta da Pacheca Port Wine Reserve

    The ageing process of these wines was done in wooden barrels to promote a greater oxygenation. Its original red colour gives way to amber tones, its flavour is enriched by a combination of nuts, dried fruits and the aromas of red fruits.
  • One bottle of Niepoort Tawny
    One bottle of Niepoort Tawny

    Niepoort Tawny Port Wine

    Niepoort Tawny is produced with grapes from low production vineyards of Douro Valley. They are young wines that result from several harvest and age for about three and a half years in old oak barrels. The Niepoort Tawny is a Port that owns a bright colour and powerful aromas of nuts and dried fruits.
  • One bottle of Dow's Fine Tawny Port
    One bottle of Dow's Fine Tawny Port

    Dow’s Fine Tawny

    Dow's Tawny combines subtle fruit with delicious velvety nutty flavours derived from the cask ageing. It is ready to drink and enjoy when bottled and does not require further ageing.
  • One bottle of Graham's Natura Reserve
    One bottle of Graham's Natura Reserve

    Graham’s Nature Reserve

    Graham's Natura Reserve Port is a wine made from organically grown grapes that meets the requirements and follows the organic certification rules. The method and the winemaking process are fully natural, resulting in a full of expressiveness and powerful wine. At Quinta das Lages and Quinta dos Malvedos, where this Port is produced, spring and summer have hot and dry microclimate, ideal for organic viticulture. This is a Port with a deep dark red colour true to Graham's style, pleasantly fresh, floral and elegant. Full-bodied and with very fruity on the palate and chocolate notes. Prolonged and delicate finish.
  • One bottle of Quinta da Pacheca tawny
    One bottle of Quinta da Pacheca tawny

    Quinta da Pacheca Port Tawny

    Pacheca Tawny Port is a wine that resulted from a blend of different Port wines, the young ones of 3 to 4 years of age that provide its freshness and youthfulness and the older ones with 7 to 8 years of age that give it its maturity.
  • One bottle of Dow's Nirvana Reserve
    One bottle of Dow's Nirvana Reserve

    Dow’s Nirvana Reserve

    This is a Dow's Nirvana Port with single characteristics in the aroma, in which the predominance of rock rose and violet perfume is easily recognizable. On the other hand, soft tannins and a velvety texture make it peculiar. Dow's Nirvana was produced to blend with chocolate. Dow's winemakers teamed up with the "Flanders Taste Foundation", a Belgian group of experts on food pairing, to get a final blend of Port combining chocolate in the best possible way. This perfect symbiosis between winemakers and the "Flanders Taste Foundation" team also allowed to refine this Port’s batch, intensifying it with floral notes and voluptuous tannins. From this union and unique features a Port Wine was created, which combines with most chocolates, especially with dark chocolate in which the cocoa percentage is between 60 to 75%.
  • One Bottle of Dow's Finest Reserve
    One Bottle of Dow's Finest Reserve

    Dow’s Finest Reserve

    Dow's Finest Reserve Port comes from a careful selection of the best aged wines that are in perfect ripening stage to create this Finest Reserve. Concentrated and rich, Dow's Finest Reserve Port Wine has great depth features and softness. This Port has a distinctive house style that has been acclaimed worldwide. A refined classic, full-bodied with fruity layers that let us perceive red and black fruit aromas. The fruity character also gives it a deep ruby colour. Palate dominated by berries and spice hints, especially pepper. With a long and slightly dry mouth finish that is a hallmark Dow's wines.
  • One bottle of Dow's Midnight
    One bottle of Dow's Midnight

    Dow’s Midnight

    Dow's Midnight is a young and vigorous Port Wine, which make it fresh and with more mature aromas of red fruits. This wine was thought to attract the younger crowd with its great balance of fruit. This Dow's was produced only through the best wines from Dow's farms, including the Quinta do Bomfim and Senhora da Ribeira.
  • One bottle of cockburn's fine tawny
    One bottle of cockburn's fine tawny

    Cockburn’s Fine Tawny

    Tawny Port Wines are young wines of several years, aged between two and three years in wood barrels, giving them aromas of nuts. Cockburn's Fine Tawny is an elegant, velvety Port with spice aromas.
  • One bottle of warre's king's tawny
    One bottle of warre's king's tawny

    Warre’s King’s Tawny

    This Port is considered light and elegant because it is a young wine, and as such is ideal to be enjoyed fresh as an aperitif. The grapes used for this wine's production are created at Douro's Valley, as Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz and Tinta Cão.
  • One bottle of Niepoort The Senior Tawny
    One bottle of Niepoort The Senior Tawny

    Niepoort The Senior Tawny

    Unlike Niepoort The Junior Ruby that was a wine directed to a younger audience, Niepoort The Senior Tawny was created to attract an older crowd. The Senior Tawny is a wine that spends most of its time ageing in oak barrels, allowing a smooth and slight contact with oxygen, which gives origin to a slower oxidation over the years. It is a dark red brick colour wine with rich and full bodied aromas.
  • One bottle of Fonseca Reserve Bin Nº 27
    One bottle of Fonseca Reserve Bin Nº 27

    Fonseca Reserve – Bin nº 27

    Fonseca Reserve Bin 27 Fonseca Reserve arises from the consumers’ demand and experience and from more intransigent Port Wine enthusiasts. A Port wine that is as well known as Fonseca's brand itself. When collectors and Port Wine connoisseurs speak of Fonseca House, they immediately think of Fonseca Bin 27 Reserve. With complex layers of extreme quality fruit, its fruity and opulent character differentiates the Fonseca House, and in particular Bin 27. It is sold worldwide and it reaches the peak of its popularity in the US market. It possesses a deep ruby colour and young and strong, rich and fruity aromas, with special emphasis on tblackberry, cassis, cherry, plum and spices suggestions. This Port is round on the palate, full-bodied, soft and quite balanced in its tannic structure and has a rich finish on the palate with juicy black fruit flavours.
  • Vallado 100 Years Pack
    Vallado 100 Years Pack Port

    Vallado 100 Years Pack

    The prestigious Vallado house has created a very special and exclusive edition: a box of 100 years. In this box of a very elegant design, Vallado has reunited its four tawnies with age indication: the classic 10 year old tawny, the elegant 20 year old tawny, the complex 30 year old tawny and also the outstanding and refined 40 year old tawny, resulting in a very special pack of 100 years of Port wine.
  • One bottle of Taylor's Fine Tawny
    One bottle of Taylor's Fine Tawny

    Taylor’s Fine Tawny Port

    Taylor's Fine Tawny Port is aged for 3 years in oak casks at Taylor's cellars. With reddidh brick colour and amber reflections, on the nose is possibel to sense fruity aromas, like figs and prunes, walnuts, caramel and black pepper. On the palate it is a round, velvity and balanced wine. Taylor's Fine Tawny is perfect to those who prefer a lighter Port wine style.
  • Sandeman Tawny
    Sandeman Tawny

    Sandeman Tawny Port Wine

    The Sandeman Tawny Port features a vibrant amber color and intense aromas, such as notes of vanilla, nuts and raisins. On the palate, it is a light, elegant, fresh and fruity wine, especially to ripe red fruits. Its complexity and richness, acquired during the aging period in wood, provides a long, soft and sublime finish. Prizes and distinctions: Silver Medal - Mundus Vini Spring Tasting 2017.
  • Port Wine Day Pack
    Port Wine Day Pack

    Port Wine Day Pack

    Internacional Port Wine Day - 10th of September It all started when in September 10th of 1756, the government of Marquês de Pombal created the Alto Douro Wine Region. Today this region is considered World Heritage by UNESCO, distinguishing the beautiful landscapes and the amazing Port Wines. To celebrate this special day, we created an amazing 6 bottle pack with some of the most exquisite representations of what the Douro Valley has to offer.
  • One bottle of Quinta do Noval Black
    One bottle of Quinta do Noval Black

    Quinta do Noval Black

    Quinta do Noval Black is considered for its producers a new way to drink Port, destined to be enjoyed with dark chocolate or simply appreciated chilled, being also possible to use it as a cocktail ingrediente. Christian Seely, from the Wine & Spirits magazine described this Noval as a revolutionary new style of Port. He highlights the intense aromas and powerful black cherry flavours and spicy notes provides its juiciness finish. Quinta do Noval Black is a Port Wine "At the level of many of the region's best LBVs, this wine may become a staple for a new generation of Port drinkers." (Wine & Spirits).
  • Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny Reserve Port Wine
    Ferreira Dona Antónia Tawny Reserve Port Wine

    Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserve Tawny Port Wine

    A magnificent Tawny in honor of Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, with an intense and vibrant red color. The Ferreira Dona Antónia Reserve Tawny reveals aromas with a great richness and complexity, highlighting the delicacy of ripe fruit aromas, such as plum and apricot, and light notes of spices and nuts; aromas acquired during the aging in wood oaks. On the palate, it is an elegant, full-bodied Port with rich flavors, revealing a good balance that provides a persistent, smooth and simply perfect finish. Awards and Distinctions: Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2017; Silver Medal at the Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2016; Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016.
  • One bottle of Quinta do Noval Tawny
    One bottle of Quinta do Noval Tawny

    Quinta do Noval Tawny

    This Quinta do Noval Tawny has Aromas: notes of nuts and dried fruit. Taste: mild and soft, elegant and delicate wine Important suggestion: all port wines should be tasted at a temperature of 10ºc. Just so we can enjoy the elegance and sweetness of these wines. When served the temperatures soon realizes the highest port alcohol, which decreases sensibly the pleasure of tasting these wines.

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