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Sandeman LBV Port Wine

Sandeman LBV Port Wine


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Sandeman LBV Port Wine

A deep ruby ​​color Porto with an aroma of great intensity and complexity, and special emphasis on the balsamic notes of resin, stems as well as floral and fruity notes, such as basil, red fruits, black fruits and spices.
On the palate is a full-bodied Port, with an excellent balance between the vibrant acidity and firm tannins. The fruity flavor of raspberry, strawberry and blackberry and the spicy black pepper, provide an irresistible and fruity finish.
A magnificent LBV that reflects Sandeman’s two hundred years of experience.

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Sandeman LBV Port can be drinked immediately, however it can expect an improvement of its quality after some years of aging. In order to evolve correctly and reach its full potential, it is used a bottle with black glass, appropriated to protect the wine from the light and also a proper corked for Vintage wines. The bottle should be placed in a cool, dry and low light place.
After the second year, it is advisable to place the bottle in a vertical position and one day before opening it, this Port Wine should be decanted. Once opened, enjoy this sublime LBV and its freshness in 4-5 days.
Wonderful by itself, is also an LBV that pairs very well intense cheeses and chocolate or wild berries desserts.

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