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Purchasing And Payment Options


Placing an order on iPORTWINE.COM site is easy, fast and you can do so with confidence. If it is the first time that you purchase on the website, you should register so we can process your data. It is a fast and secure process, which will be linked to your customer account, so you can have access to all the information and manage it independently with confidence.


After choosing the product, simply click on it for more information. If you decide to buy it, just add it to the shopping basket and you can continue shopping and add more products. After selecting all the products you want to buy, you just enter the shopping cart to complete your request. Here you can review your order, add, change your choice and if you have a discount code, you should put it here, before moving on.
If you have not made your login, you must do so, or register if it’s the first time for your data to process your order to be used. You should also confirm the value of the shipping charges and the values of the order before proceeding.


Surprise a friend offering him a product that he would never forget. Yes, you can have a different delivery address than yours, so you can offer someone special, a unique gift. In the shopping cart, you can validate and confirm the delivery address, if different from the billing address.


The prices of our products are always indicated with VAT at the rate in force in Portugal, which applies to sales within the EU – European Union. For orders outside the EU, the VAT is removed, as for B2B – Business Sales – outside Portugal.


To complete your order, proceed by clicking finish / checkout to go to the payment page, where you can select the payment option that suits you best.


You can choose from the following payment options:
PAYPAL – The portal of payments through your Paypal account or by credit card.
Cartão de crédito – VISA / Mastercard – Through secure payment platform EASYPAY
Cartão de débito – Visa Electron / Maestro – if the card has cvv2 (4 digits)
American Express – Through the secure payments platform EASYPAY
ATM – Through the secure portal EASYPAY, you will be sent the data to make the payment.
Bank Transfer – You can make your payment by bank transfer to IBAN indicated on the payment page. Please identify this transaction so that your order is easily identifiable.


After completing your payment, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and details. You will also receive an email after the shipment of the product, with all the data so that you can track your shipment at all times. You can also, through your customer account, validate all the steps of your order.


The customer can present its complaint within a maximum period of 60 days after the shipment of the order. After this time, the Iportwine team does not take responsibility for any claim.

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