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Niepoort LBV 2005 Port Wine

Niepoort LBV 2005 Port Wine


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Niepoort LBV 2005 Port Wine

Considered the younger brother of Vintage due to the fact of the production process being very similar in booth of them. Both are made from a selection of high quality wines from a single year. The Niepoort LBV 2005 is a dark ruby colour Port with aromas of fresh black fruits like cherries with a lovely balanced of bittersweet chocolate notes. Enjoy this great wine in a 1, 5Lt bottle to serve in a special occasion or just simply to add it to your collection.

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Niepoort’s LBV bottling occurs 4 years after its harvest and are wines with great ageing potential. This 2005 LBV has incredible complex flavours of black fruits, providing a fresh, long and smooth finish. This Wine is excellent with cheeses like Cheddar, Gouda and Brie and also spicy red meat dishes.

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