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Dow’s Harvest 1986

Dow’s Harvest 1986


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Dow’s Harvest 1986

Dow’s Harvest 1986 is considered the triumph of man over nature, a classic produced on a careful ageing process.
When evoquing the great classics of the category, this Dow’s Harvest 1986 is considered a good choice.
This is a very fruity Port, where dried fruit layers are evident and the touch of vanilla, essential, for impeccable results.
Sweet and hot flavour, with complex nutty notes.
Possesses a long and persistent finish.

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A rare wine with a slightly drier style that proves to be an extraordinary wine, destined for true Old Tawny Port connoisseurs.

Ageing Period:
Harvest Ports are Tawny Ports from a single year aged in casks for a minimum of 7 years before being bottled.

Winemaking Process:
Dow’s 1986 Harvest is a blend of the best wines from the 1986 harvest aged in casks from Dow’s warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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