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Dow’s Harvest 1972

Dow's Harvest 1972


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Dow’s Harvest 1972

Dow’s Harvest 1972 lost the intense red colour of its youth, to make way for robust and rich aromas of deep intensity.
Not just a “Harvest”, as far as an output of a single year, it is considered a Blend of the best wines of the 1972 harvest.
With amber and auburn hue, it possesses caramel, toast and dried fruit aromas with raisins, musk, vanilla and honeyed suggestions.
A rich, rounded and fine velvety flavour, provides this Port Wine the perfect complexity.
Long and light mouth finish, which is a hallmark of Dow’s wines.

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Dow’s Harvest 1972 Port is velvety and incredibly aromatic.

Ageing Period:
Harvest wines are Tawny wines from a single year that age in casks for a minimum of seven years before being bottled.

Winemaking Process:
Dow’s 1972 Harvest is a blend of the best wines from the 1972 harvest, aged in casks from Dow’s warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia.

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