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Dalva Vintage 2008 Port

Dalva Vintage 2008 Port


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Dalva Vintage 2008 Port

This wine presents itself with an intense red colour, aromas of fresh fruit and strong tannins. This collection represents 10% of the total production of a year, using only top-quality grapes (A and B). This wine is very full-bodied and has a deep colour. The Vintage age two and a half years before being bottled and at least three to four years, it should age in the bottle before being served, followed by another ten to thirty years to achieve the perfect point of evolution and complexity.

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This wine has a vibrant colour and strong tannins, revealing their best through some fantastic scents of ripe fruit. It is a wine with great potential of aromas filled with floral notes and berries. The tannins are exceptionally gentle. You must keep the bottle horizontally in a cool and dark space. It is important to decant it before being served at a temperature around 16 and 18ºC. It is perfect enjoyed by itself or with blue or cured cheeses.

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