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Dalva Vintage 2000 Port

Dalva Vintage 2000 Port


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Dalva Vintage 2000 Port

Dalva Vintage 2000 Port is aged in barrels, for a maximum period of two and a half years before being bottled. It is a wine of exceptional quality that can evolve in bottle between 10 to 50 years. As the years pass by, the “bouquet” gets balanced, complex and distinctive with an incredible variety of flavours (chocolate, pepper, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, …).

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Dalva Vintage 2000 Port presents a reddish colour as well as intense aromas of ripe berries, chocolate and tobacco. It goes really well with desserts of red fruits, cheeses and dark chocolate. It is recommended to serve it slightly cool at 16 – 18 C.

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