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Croft Vintage 2007

Croft Vintage 2007


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Croft Vintage 2007

Croft Vintage Port 2007
This is a fragrant Port wine with black cherry and violet aromas and a touch of eucalyptus.
A good choice for a Vintage to accompany the end of a meal.

Ageing Period:
Aged for 24 months in oak casks and then in bottles for several years.

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Croft 2007 Vintage Port

Year Notes:
2007 Wine Year and the Harvest
2007 had a rainy winter that replenish underground water reserves, after four hot and dry years.

Wet conditions continued in the spring and early summer with low temperatures.
In the first two weeks of September there were constant daily temperatures between 35 °C and 38 °C.
These hot, dry conditions made the vineyards ripe perfectly, accelerating the sugar and phenolic compounds production while maintaining the excellent natural acidity resulting from a relatively cool summer.
As a result, the harvest produced perfectly balanced musts which led to wines with style and elegant, full of vitality and with a concentrated fruity character and superb freshness.

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