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Croft LBV 2008

Croft LBV 2008


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Croft LBV 2008

Croft LBV 2008 Port Wine
It was produced with the aim of creating a superior quality product of immediate consumption.
Croft LBV 2008 is bottled after four to six years of ageing and can be consumed at the time of bottling.
This is a very consistent, rich and fruity wine and with a strong tannic structure.
It possesses an active tropical fruit aroma and light spicy notes.
This wine has a good heart and dimension, a round shot aftertaste and intense and ostentatious characteristics.

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Croft LBV 2008
This is an intense ruby colour Port with tropical fruit flavours and spicy notes; a wine to enjoy with pleasure on several occasions.

Ageing Period:
This is a wine from a single year that ages in oak vats from four to six years.

Winemaking Process:
Croft LBV Port wine – Late Bottled Vintage ages 4 to 6 years in oak casks before being bottled and continues its aging in the bottle.

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