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Romariz Tawny 37.5cl Port
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  • One bottle of Romariz Tawny 37.5cl


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Romariz Tawny 37.5cl Port

Romariz Fine Tawny Port is much sought after by very demanding markets, such as Brazil, the United Kingdom and the Portuguese Colonies. It is a Port Wine subjected to ageing in oak casks, with a red-auburn colour tone. Moderate, with a unique nature, not too complex and tasty. Port with plum and fig aromas, where the attractiveness of wood and spices stands out. Full of rich flavours and involving aromas. Round and satin finish on the mouth. Enjoy this exclusive edition of a bottle of 37, 5 cl.


Romariz Fine Tawny is a fine, very fruity and soft Tawny Port. A fine dessert wine and an excellent way to end a meal. This is a youthful Tawny Port wine.
Ageing Period: Wine from batches of the best years that have aged an average of 3 years in wooden casks.

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