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Graham’s Tawny 10 Years 20cl
  • One bottle of Graham's 10 Years 20cl


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Graham’s Tawny 10 Years 20cl

A Wine of traditional production, Graham’s Tawny 10 years Old, is a tribute to the passion for this production method and to the artisans. To appreciator of quality and accuracy in every detail, this wine is a great expression of a Tawny Port. Graham’s Tawny 10 Years comes from a fascinating selection of reserve wines, aged on a average of 10 years. With a reddish orange colour and complex bouquet of nuts such as walnuts combined with notes of honey and figs. Fruity, velvety and matured flavour, it allows a soft, long and perfect aftertaste. Enjoy this treasure in this 20 cl bottle so you can take this 10 years anywhere.


The Grahams 10 Years come from a Reserve wine selection. Fruity, velvety and complex at the same time. A long and smooth finish. Two gold medal

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