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Fonseca Ruby

Fonseca Ruby


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Fonseca Ruby

Fonseca Ruby Port Wine is a Port with a ruby colour, very fresh and young, with fruit flavours of the plum type.
It is also an excellent dessert wine and excellent finish to a meal.

Fonseca Ruby Port Wine

Fonseca Tawny Port Wine ages for three years in small oak casks.
Ruby Port wine is a traditional style Port and Fonseca has been marketing it since the founding of the company, over 150 years ago.
Fonseca takes great pride in its Ruby, that has maintained a great quality consistency over more than a century and a half.

Ageing Process:
The wine is aged for three years in large wooden casks, where it softens and develops, without losing its freshness, intense fruity character and deep ruby color.

Savouring Notes:
Port with a deep ruby colour that is quite fresh, vigorous and youthful, full of intense cherry and black currant aromas.
It is full-bodied on the palate with strong but well integrated tannins and reveals a long, rich and fruity finish.

Serving Suggestions:
It is an excellent dessert wine, particularly with mature blue-veined cheese.
It should be served at room temperature.

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