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Dalva Dry White
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Dalva Dry White

Dalva Dry White is a Port wine which has been aged for three years. It presents itself as a very floral, citrus and light Port, with a bitter twist in the end advising to be served slightly chilled. A Port Wine with a shiny citric colour, delicious flavourings of lemons, dried flowers and leaves, revealing on the palate a pretty spicy and dry side, and yet, provides a fresh aftertaste with some bitter notes of vegetables.

It is recommended to keep the bottle standing upright in a cool, dry and dark place so that its properties remain unchanged. It is a Port Wine that does not have great evolutionary capacity, by which it is advisable to drink it right away. Dalva Dry White should be served fresh and it goes really well with several appetizers or with tonic water, ice and lemon. Prizes: 15.5 points in Revista de Vinhos Portugal. Winemaker: José Manuel Sousa Soares

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