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Port Wine Itinerary

Port Wine Itinerary
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Once disregarded, Ports have entitled a place in the top of the best wines in the world. Douro’s Wine Region wines are recognized worldwide and characterized by their excellent quality, and many honourable mentions to these wines and the wine region.
From the national to the international scene, Port wine is the nectar of the Gods and a kind of supremacy is presented for its lovers, as well as, out-of-doors transcendence, for those who have just started savouring this drink.
Although it is regarded as the best Wine in the World, do you know this wine that well? This itinerary will help you to know or recognize this wine so inexorably Portuguese!
Tawny Port Wine “The Wood Aging Style “
Produced by a stock of wines of different levels of maturation, which takes place in wooden casks or oak barrels. With an intense aroma and dried fruit, wood, nuts and dried figs flavours, as the wine ages the sharper those attributes become. After bottling, they are ready to be consumed. Tawny have a higher percentage of alcohol, and this percentage increases with its age.
The categories of Tawny Ports are: Tawny, Tawny Reserve, Tawny with Age Reference (10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 40 years) and Harvest
Vintage Port Wine “The Crown Jewel of Port Wine …””
Produced from grapes of a single year and bottled two to three years after harvesting, this Port is a single that matures in the bottle. A wine that retains its charm, due to the process of phases that it goes through. During the first 5 years in bottle, it keeps the ruby intensity of the original colours, wild and red fruit luxurious aroma and dark chocolate flavour, on a visible balance by strong tannins. After ten years developing, it acquires garnet-red hue and reaches a delicious range of ripe fruit aromas and flavours. While ripening, the colour turns to amber tones, acquires a heavier deposit and the fruit gains greater subtlety and sophistication.
Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Port Wine “Fullness in Refinement”
Best known for LBV Port Wine, Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) is a wine from a single harvest, with an attractive bright red colour, intense and fruity.
Possesses an excellent quality and is bottled after a period of 4 to 6 years. Most are ready to savour at the time of purchase, but some continue its aging in the bottle. These wines have the particularity to indicate the harvest and bottling year.
Ruby Port Wine “A Gem among Port Wines”
Possesses a colour similar to a gemstone ruby, due to the fact that the aging process has little or no oxidation. Mainly produced with “Tinta” grapes it is stored in oak casks for a period of two to three years.
A young wine, rich in red fruit and plum aroma, full-bodied and with a strong flavour.
Among Ruby Wines another category stands out, designated as Ruby Reserve. It is very similar but more complex with an intense fruit aroma and very aromatic.
White Port Wine “Golden Port Wine …”
Among the intense and dark coloured wines, there is a Port that is White, exclusively produced from white grapes. This wine depends on the degree of sweetness and aging period. Younger White Port wine is usually savoured as an appetizer, while the ones that go through a longer aging period have a more intense flavour and should be consumed after meals. White Port Wine is divided into Extra Dry, Dry, Sweet and “Lágrima”.

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