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Niepoort The Senior Tawny

Niepoort The Senior Tawny


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Niepoort The Senior Tawny

Unlike Niepoort The Junior Ruby that was a wine directed to a younger audience, Niepoort The Senior Tawny was created to attract an older crowd. The Senior Tawny is a wine that spends most of its time ageing in oak barrels, allowing a smooth and slight contact with oxygen, which gives origin to a slower oxidation over the years. It is a dark red brick colour wine with rich and full bodied aromas.

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Niepoort The Senior Tawny presents itself as a velvety wine and with an excellent balance of the wealth of older wines with the freshness and complexity of the younger ones. This wine ages for about 7 years in French oak barrels before being bottled and consumed. A great wine to serve an appetizer or with a delicious fois gras.

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