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Graham’s Fine Tawny Port Wine

Graham's Fine Tawny Port Wine


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Graham’s Fine Tawny Port Wine

Graham’s Fine Tawny Port Wine was born in the best vineyards located in the Upper Douro valley, is a lighter wine than Ruby since the ageing time is longer.
On the other hand, it is a slightly softer than Ruby and evolved wine.
It offers a nice fruity and dried fruit balance and it is matured in oak barrels for an average of three years, allowing the wine to come into contact with oxygen that freely permeates the barrels’ wood, thus meaning that the fruity youthful style remains but that it begins to acquire the persistence of an aged Tawny Port.
The palate is slightly dry, elegant and velvety.
Possesses an aroma of ripe fruit, nicely balanced with dried nuts notes.

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Graham’s Fine Tawny

A gold auburn wine with ripe fruit aroma, nicely balanced with slight notes of dried fruit, versatile and suitable to any situation.

It ages in wood where the wines take on a characteristic amber hue.

Winemaking process:
Graham’s Tawny Port is a slightly more evolved wine and smoother than Ruby Port.

The wine matures in traditional oak barrels of 534 litres to a full maturation.

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