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Fonseca Vintage 1994

Fonseca Vintage 1994


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Fonseca Vintage 1994

Considered by many the best Fonseca since 1977, this is a dense wine with intense and quite defined aromas. It’s an opportunity not to be missed, and to be able to savour a unique and extraordinary wine. Book a few more bottles to enjoy in good company in the best moments of your life.

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Fonseca Vintage 1994 Port

Ageing Period:
Aged for 24 months in oak casks and then in bottles for several anos.

Winemaking Process:
Produced only with grapes from Fonseca’s farms – Quinta de Santo António, Quinta do Cruzeiro and Quinta do Panascal – from a single harvest in a particular year. The grapes are trodden by foot in stone wine mills.

Tasting Notes:
Port with a dark red with ruby rim with dense black currant.
This is a fresh and elegant wine, with an incredible balance of fine fruit, showing the first hints of bottle maturity.
A perfect year in the vineyard, with low yields and moderate temperatures throughout the season, created this incredibly dense Port wine, with a fruit freshness typical of the 1963 and 1912 Vintages.
Full bodied on the palate, with immense quality tannins that carry loads of fruit, like fresh black currant.
The youth it still holds today is proof of how extraordinary this Vintage is, besides its capacity to continue to age for the rest of this century.

The 1993/1994 winter was extremely wet throughout the region.
As a result, most vineyards have very low yields.
In certain Douro areas, production levels were inferior by 75%, as compared to the average.
Despite the poor start, the growing season was satisfactory, with warm and dry weather, interrupted only by a few and short rain periods.
Unlike what happened in the previous three years, there were no intense heat periods during the summer – temperatures never exceeded 38 °C – and this, with the help of timely rains, resulted in a uniformly ripe harvest, which produced musts rich in sugar, anthocyanins and aroma.

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