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Fonseca Tawny

Fonseca Tawny


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Fonseca Tawny

Fonseca Tawny Port Wine
This is a relatively concentrated Port, full-bodied and very fruity; a great dessert wine and a great finish to a meal.

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Fonseca Tawny Port Wine
During January, after each harvest, Fonseca separates a reserve of quality Vintage Port wines great, which are very concentrated and powerful.
These wines are basically selected from the company’s own farms and valued according to their aging potential.

Ageing process:
Fonseca Tawny Port ages for three years in small oak casks, in Fonseca’s cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia.
As Tawny Port wine get older, it becomes more auburn as they release their deposits in the hull instead of doing so in the bottle.
Racking contributes to the oxidation process and this process is responsible for gradually reducing fruit characteristics, and then the wine starts acquiring nuts’ characteristics.
After three years of ageing, and shortly before bottling, the wines are blended to achieve balance and harmony.

Savouring Notes:
This Port has a red-auburn colour, fading to brick colour in the halo.
It displays seductive apricot and plum aromas with sweet touches of butterscotch and spices.
Rrich and greedy flavours are exalted at the finish on the palate, by an attractive and crispy acidity.

Serving Suggestions:
Tawny is a delicious dessert wine, harmonizing particularly well with almond, berries or dark chocolate flavours.

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