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Dalva Harvest 1992 Port

Dalva Harvest 1992 Port


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Dalva Harvest 1992 Port

An Harvest Port is a wine made from batches from a single harvest that is placed in oak casks for a aging period of seven years before being bottled. With refined flavours and aromas, Dalva 1992 Harvest presents flavours and aromas of fruit jam, marmalade and spices. As the years pass by, this wine acquires clear flavours of dried fruits, cinnamon and coffee.

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This type of Port should be stored in a cool, dark place, with the bottle standing up. It is a wine that does not have a great evolutionary capability, which means despite the years pass by, it will always remain fresh. It is a wine that should be served slightly cool, being ideal to pair with egg-based desserts. Winemaker: José Manuel Sousa Tavares.

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