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Port Wine Tawny



This is an elegant and versatile Port Wine, ideal for enjoying anytime. Aged in wood, it can be enjoyed in a variety of occasions. It doesn’t require decanting, and can be served slightly chilled, which makes it particularly enjoyable, especially in summer days.
Each wine has its origins in several estates and reserves for its Skills and Flavours whose tradition and history dates back to the origins and culture of each producer. Appreciate its colours, aromas and character and decide for yourself, to enjoy in quiet moments or joyful confraternization.
Tawny Port Wines are red wines that age two to three years in tonnels, being then moved to 550-liter barrels, where they may remain for several years, originating other kinds of categories, such as the Tawny Reserve (7 years), Tawny with indication of age (10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years) and the Harvest, which also remain 7 years in cask before being bottled. All these wines are ready to be enjoyed after being bottled.
Tawny with indication of age come from several years, whose average age is the one stated.
The balance achieved between the delicacy and elegance derived from the cask aging means that there is a Tawny Port suitable for every occasion – sometimes drunk alone, as an appetizer or while reading a book, and sometimes along with dried fruits. It can also be drunk along with a dessert, a cheese board, at the end of a meal or for pure pleasure in the company of friends where time should be going slowly.



They are excellent as appetizer and can be served fresh, which makes them excellent choice for hot days. They can be enjoyed accompanied by olives, dried fruits, such as pine nuts, roasted almonds, prunes or dried dates.


Ideal to accompany game dishes or conversations after meals, accompanying light desserts, such as fruits, soft puffs, hard cheeses, apple, orange or caramel pies. They can also be savored as appetizers, pâtés or with dried fruits.


It combines very well with convent sweets, desserts based on dried fruits, eggs, caramel, vanilla, custard and honey, almond or coffee cakes. Ripened or harder cheeses with rich and intense flavour are a good accompaniment. Slightly cooled, it can also be used as an appetizer.

TAWNY 30 and 40 YEARS

Moments of pure pleasure accompanying a coffee, enjoying a cigar or in a good conversation between friends. To savor with time!


A good option for a selection of assorted cheeses, desserts made with chocolate, dried fruits, eggs, caramel or to enjoy with friends.


Wines of great quality that depend on the age, can work very well with more intense flavour dishes, or combined with the most popular creamy cheeses from cow or sheep.


Because they are wines that do not age in the bottle, the Tawnys should be stored with the bottle standing, in cold and dark places (ideal temperature of 14 º C) and a humidity of 65 to 75% to prevent the corks from drying out and losing their elasticity.
To be appreciated in the best condition after opened, Tawny and Tawny Reserve should not be kept for more than 3 to 4 weeks, properly secured.
As for the Tawny with indication of age and the Harvest, they can be stored 1-4 months, keeping in mind that the older, the more time they can wait.


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