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Warre’s House

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Warre’s House


The name of William Warre first appears associated with the port wine trade, with the creation in 1729 of Messrs. Clark, Thorn & Warre, benefiting from a long tradition of families history linked to the production of Port wine since 1670. The entrance of young Warre, who had served as military under the command of the Duke of Wellington in the war against Napoleonic invasions in the Peninsula, had a decisive role of his relations in the recognition and growth of the brand. In the late eighteenth century, Warre & Sons already represented 10 % of total exports of Port Wine in 1791.
From his marriage to Elizabeth Whitehead, born in 1745, William Warre has become a remarkable figure for his extraordinary military career, and his fifth brother James Warre who did have a determining role in the development of the Port wine trade over 50 years.
In 1905, Andrew James Symington, reputed name in the Port wine trade as a specialist in wine tasting, became a partner of Warre & Co, and in a few years, he became sole owner of the company. In 1912, George A. Warre, senior partner of the DOW ‘s, and Andrew James Symington exchanged between them 30% of the capital of the two companies, after that, George A. Warre had decided to return to England and invited Andrew to manage the Dow’s farm and their cellars in Gaia.
This partnership between the two families, in which the Warre family was busy in London for sales and Symington family who took care of the production of Port wine in the Douro valley lasted until 1961, when the Symington family become sole owner of the two houses, keeping the identity of the marks and consolidating its presence in the market as benchmarks in the production of quality wines, with pride in the past and confidence in the future.


The Warre’s surprised the market of Port wine with the launch of Optima Tawny (10 years and 20 years) – a new concept that appeals to a more varied and versatile audience that can be enjoyed anytime?
Optima is a great wine that has won medals and is presented with a modern design?
Warrior, is the Warre’s brand of Reserve Port that maintains its tradition and style, and is being produced since 1750?
To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the award of the medal of the Order of St. Benedict of Aviz attributed to William Warre by his determinant role played in the fight against Napoleonic invasions, Warre’s created the 2009 Vintage Port in his honor ?
Warre’s produced some of the best vintage port, such as 1870, 1887, 1896 and especially 1904 and 1908?


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