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Taylor’s House

Taylor’s House


Taylor’s is one of the oldest houses of Port, whose story began in 1692 with the arrival of an English merchant named Job Bearsley in Portugal. The courage and determination of his son Peter in the search for wines were suited more to the taste of the English market, links to Joseph Taylor (later to give the company its name in 1814), and the arrival of the families Morgan Yeatman and John Fladegate that lasted to the present day, had a decisive role in the foundation of this house.
The philosophy of this family business is based on the principle of producing quality wines, practicing an economic and environmentally sustainable viticulture, that protects the Douro Valley and its environment – a unique heritage, which is also the future of the port wine, one of the great classic wines.
A long family tradition, the ability to innovate and produce best Port wines each year, made many to consider Taylor’s most illustrious production house of port – drinking their wine becomes a unique and sublime experience.
One of the most significant innovations originated in seeking to produce a port wine of a single year, which had been filtered and could be drunk without being decanted. The result was Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage 1965, which was launched on the British market in 1970.
It was also the time (in 1973) when taking advantage of the new rules introduced by the Instituto do Vinho do Porto (IVP), which allowed the producers to indicate on labels the age of Port Tawny Wine aged, were released by Taylor’s Port wines Tawny 10, 20, 30 and 40 – unique quality, appreciated worldwide wines.
The spirit of innovation, investment in vineyards of high quality and renewal of vineyards using newer methods of vertical planting allow Taylor’s to keep a firm commitment to produce and sell the best Porto wine, keeping its identity and tradition, benefiting to one of the most important and respectable trade groups port wine quality – The Fladgate Partnership.


The Farm Vargellas in the Douro Region is considered the source of the best wines of Porto since 1820, and among the great vineyards of the world.
The first Port wine White was created by Taylor’s in 1935.
In 1965, Taylor’s launched the first LBV – Late Bottled Vintage, marketed in 1970.
In 1973, Taylor’s launched a full range of wines Tawny Port 10, 20, 30 and 40 years that still continues to be available.


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