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Quinta do Vesuvio House

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Quinta do Vesuvio House


Quinta do Vesuvio, located on the south bank of the Douro River, stands alone in the endless stunning scenery of the Douro. It is one of the most sumptuous Douro Farms and its first records dating from 1565.
Nevertheless, it was in the nineteenth century that the Quinta de Vesuvio achieved a legendary status when Dona Antonia Adelaide Ferreira acquired this wine estate, turning it, under his administration, in one of the Best in the Douro. Quinta do Vesuvio was purchased in 1989 by the Symington family.
This House was considered “the last great secret of the Douro.” The Symington family decided to maintain and preserve the historical and traditional character of this property.In the harvest season , the Quinta do Vesuvio keeps a annual protocol, treading grapes in a rudimentary way in which men and women tread the grapes with their feet in open stone tanks, designated by mills.


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