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Quinta do Vallado House

  • Vallado house

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Quinta do Vallado House


It is one of the oldest Quintas of the Douro Valley, which belonged to Mrs. Antónia, the ’Ferreirinha’, and it remains since 1716, the year it was built, connected to her family and in possession of her descendants.
This connection to the Ferreira house and the tradition to sell their production was interrupted by Guilherme Álvares Ribeiro and his wife Maria Antónia Ferreira in 1933, thereby initiating the production and marketing of wines under its own brand.
The thorough restructuring of the vineyards, the investment in high-quality grape varieties and planting systems that favour the production process and quality production, carried out under the supervision of Prof. Nuno Magalhães, allowed the creation of the Port wines of high quality, which lasted to the present day, Quinta do Vallado reached a high status and is recognized internationally.


The current owners of the Quinta do Vallado are all great-great-grandsons of Mrs. Antónia?
The Quinta do Vallado created the ’Box of 100 years’ with their 10, 20, 30 and 40 Year old Tawnys?
Vintage Adelaide 2011 from Quinta do Vallado is one of the ’hot picks’ of the November issue of Wine Spectator?


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