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Quinta do Noval House

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Quinta do Noval House


The first land records of Quinta do Noval are in 1715. Property of Rebello Valente family for over a century, given by Marquês de Pombal, was acquired by a famous business man José António da Silva, in 1894, after the devastation by phylloxera. José António da Silva, promoted the restructuration of Quinta do Noval, by renewing buildings and re-growing vineyards. But, it would be his visionary son-in-law, Luiz Vasconcelos Porto who has revived the Quinta do Noval, by transforming tight lodges into larger lodges, allowing a better use of the soil with better sun exposure, in benefit of the vineyard quality.
The wine’s declaration in 1931, Quinta do Noval Porto Vintage (probably the most remarkable wine of the XX century), the recognition and expansion of the brand, has projected the company to a spotlight inside the most dignified Port wine houses.
In 1958, Quinta do Noval was the first house to launch a ‘Late Bottled Vintage’ Port, with its1954 LBV. It was the achievement of a creation of a new Port wine category, that was been discussed for a long time.
The Quinta Noval belongs, since 1993, to AXA Millésimes, and is part of the prestigious viticultural heritage composed of big names, such as Disznókő on Tokaj, Hungary and in France, Château Pichon-Longueville on Pauillac, Château Suduiraut on Sauternes, Château Petit-Village on Pomerol, Domaine de l’Arlot in Burgundy and MAS Belles Eaux on region Languedoc.
In 1994, Quinta do Noval has started a modernization programme, by replantating e renovating the vineyards, introducing noble species, growing methodologies, according with the needs of wich lodge, proper to the ’terroir’. It was also concluded in 1997, in Alijó, a modern line bottling and storage, becoming one of the best villas in Oporto.


It was Quinta de Noval, who has introduced the OLD TAWNY concept pointing out the year (10, 20 and over 40 years).
The Quinta do Noval was the first one to introduce the pyrographed bottles, on the 20´s.
In the fall of 1981, a fire has destroyed the cellars of Quinta do Noval, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and in the year of 1982, it has started the construction of an enormous cellar on Quinta de Noval, known as ’Cathedral’, where all the stocks had been moved to.
Quinta de Noval has introduced a new category of Port wine – o LBV (Late Bottled Vintage), in 1958.
Quinta do Noval offers an unfiltered Single Quinta LBV, made entirely of the grapes coming from the farm and foot trodden in mills, as it is done for wines Port Vintage.


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