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Niepoort House

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Niepoort House


Niepoort is a family brand for over a half century. Five generations followed since Franciscus Marius Niepoort came to Portugal to create the Niepoort company in 1842. With no land and vineyards, he began his career as a Port Wine merchant.
In the second generation, led by Eduard Karel, Niepoort presented itself as a thriving company.
The third generation was driven by Eduard Marius Niepoort, considered extremely skilful and a natural scientist.
In the fourth generation Niepoort overcame a period of financial difficulty. Eduard Rudolf van der Niepoort, managed the company at the time and devoted himself to external and internal trade relations to Niepoort. His experience has successfully overcome the difficulties of the company.
Now, the fifth generation is managed by the brothers Eduard Dirk Niepoort and Verena Niepoort. Eduard Dirk Niepoort is ahead of the company since 2005 and has acquired is own vineyards, Quinta do Carril and Quinta de Nápoles. Here, is where is produce some of the best Port wines. Verena Niepoort, is also executive director since 2005.
For over 150 years dedicated in the production of Port wine, the Niepoort cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, are extraordinary places where the wines aged according to traditions that where preserved from generation to generation.


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